Kill Headaches & Increase Sleep Quality With GUNDA Anti Blue Light Glasses

We spend around 9 hours a day looking into a screen, without protecting ourselves... crazy right?

Unfortunately, the blue light produced from screens is damaging our eyes, ruining sleeping patterns, killing productivity and can cause migraines & headaches.

Our GUNDA Anti Blue Light Glasses blocks the harmful blue light produced from your everyday screens. These glasses will eliminate migraines, headaches and sore eyes while improving your sleep and productivity.  

What makes our blue light blocker glasses unique is that not only do they include blue light blocking lenses, but they also feature UV400 protection, so you can wear them indoors and out without having to swap out your shades. Plus, they’re made with the same high-quality, durable and long-lasting constructions as all your favourite GUNDA shades. Make sure to stock up on your favourite pairs now and get free UK shipping or free international shipping when you spend £80 or more at 

Also we are introducing new #OGSIM & #TERMINATOR GUNDA shades.